Odd Job of the Day: Chaos Theory in The Fiscal Times

June 24, 2014

Odd Job of the Day: Chaos Theory in The Fiscal Times

I was interviewed by Maureen Mackey of The Fiscal Times — I sure do have an Odd Job — i’m just so glad she could hear the passion I have for it!


New on PowerWomenTV: The Pantry!

October 1, 2013

New on PowerWomenTV: The Pantry!

Jenn Falik has my dream pantry.  On this episode of PowerWomenTV’s Suburban Survival Guide I teach her how to make it her dream pantry.

Chaos Theory’s PowerWomenTV Debut

September 26, 2013

Chaos Theory’s PowerWomenTV Debut

Watch me on PowerWomenTV’s Suburban Survival Guide as I give Jenn Falik my best tips for living a clutter-free life at home!  Today’s episode:  The Command Center

An Exciting Announcement!

January 31, 2010

After 3+ years of saying we’re going to move out of our apartment, RB and I are actually moving out of our apartment!  The excitement is palpable. Why?

More space. Chaos Theory is getting a real office!  Not just a corner of the living room! Oh and we have a storage unit in the basement!  I’m a little bit in love with having a storage room in the basement 🙂 And yes, a smiley face – it is just that exciting.

New ‘hood. After 5 years in one place, the prospect of a new neighborhood to explore is thrilling. We’re headed to Brooklyn Heights by the way – about as far out of the city as we were ready to go.

Documentation. I thought some people out there might find it helpful to see how a professional organizer would tackle her own move – day-by-day, step-by-step.  Which is why I’m proud to unveil:

Chaos Theory: The Moving Diaries. Packing Tips. Pictures. And of course, lists galore.

March 1 is move-in. The countdown begins now.


One Small Organizing Step to Help Those in Need

January 18, 2010

Since January 12th, 2010 the world has been tuned in to the haunting stories and images of the Haitian earthquake coverage. In a time when many or our own budgets are tight — what can we do to help those in need?

My answer — the change jar. I know you’ve got one because I’ve seen a variation at almost every client I visit — a massive container where you store your pennies, nickels and dimes with the goal to “someday” take it to the bank in exchange for the more user-friendly paper variety of money.

Why not make today the day? Take your collection to the nearest TD Bank “Penny Arcade”(which will count your coins for free) or Coinstar machine (which will count your coins for a small fee). Pledge a percentage of the money you get back to the Haitian relief efforts.

Not sure where to donate? Find a comprehensive list of worthy organizations here.

This quick errand will clear some clutter, take care of something you’ve been meaning to do anyway, put some money in your pocket — and most importantly, send some much needed funds to the disaster relief efforts.

I hope you’ll join me in helping today.

p.s. My first instinct was to tell you all to clean out your closets and pantries — and send the “giveaways” to Haiti.  This article explains why monetary donations are the best and only real option.

The Organizer is Outta Here!

August 13, 2009

After what feels like a year of planning (and organizing) – it’s finally time for our European adventure.  For the first time in a long time, I’m going to completely unplug from the electronics – RB says he’s going to do the same, but I can’t actually picture it.

Anyway, since you’re here, check out the rest of the tips on Chaos Theory Blog. I’ll be back before you know it, offering up tales of dis/organization from Paris and Amsterdam.

Finally – a huge congratulations to Jon & Galete.  Thank you for getting married in Paris and inspiring this journey across the Atlantic.

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