About Chaos Theory Inc.

Chaos Theory Inc. provides professional organizing services to residential and corporate clients. Whether you need to use your space more effectively or you need help coordinating a special project, Chaos Theory Inc. offers a wide range of services specializing in closets, kitchens, living spaces, offices, clutter control, moving services, sleep-away camp preparation and project management.

Recent clients have called on Chaos Theory Inc. to reorganize their homes and workspaces, inventory and store belongings no longer in use, handle the details of a special event, and facilitate a cross-country relocation.

dayna 2

Dayna Brandoff, Founder

As a professional organizer, Dayna brings her love of order to her client base, and helps them rid the chaos from their lives.

Dayna’s love of organizing started early. As a child, she would create a detailed inventory of her sleep-away camp trunk. Growing up, she looked forward to filling her fresh student planner with due dates and to-do lists for the year. In college, she felt that any problem could be conquered with a binder and some dividers. When she entered the workforce, this mindset helped her become an effective project manager – every deadline met and never a document misplaced.

Today, clients laud Dayna for saving them the things they value most with their busy jobs and lives – time, space, and freedom from stress.

Dayna created Chaos Theory Inc. with the understanding that organization doesn’t always come naturally — sometimes it needs a little nurturing. No matter the challenge, we are dedicated to creating the space you want and helping you acquire the skills you need to keep it that way.

Visit us at www.chaostheorynyc.com


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