Planning Your Holiday Meal… With Your Tween

It’s November.  You’re juggling parent-teacher conferences, PTA meetings, report cards, and a changing after-school schedule for your preteen now that winter sports have begun. With all the other responsibilities you have to contend with this time of year, the thought of preparing the Thanksgiving meal can be overwhelming. It’s helpful to treat this holiday like any project and to combat the stress by getting all those to-dos down on paper and asking for help when you need it.  Why not recruit your family, especially your preteen(s), to take care of tasks that don’t need your personal touch (or supervision in the kitchen!)?

Chances are, if you’re cooking this type of meal, you know about it well in advance, which is fortunate, because the key is planning ahead and sharing the work.  Following is a list, which will help you organize your family.

For an in-depth timeline on how to approach the Holiday Meal, visit!



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