Day 25: Minor Freak-Out

Ok, I admit it.  This morning, I let the stress get the better of me. I stood in the doorway of our bathroom staring at our enormous armoire and wondered:

  1. When will  I pack all of the contents?
  2. How will we get it out the door without breaking it? (there was a necessary incident with a hammer when we moved it in….)
  3. When will we find the time to bring it back to my aunt, who has generously let us use it for the last 5 years?

See! Even organizers can get overwhelmed sometimes.

The important thing to remember is that it will all get done. People who are far less organized than me move every day. Just worry about it box by box….when i’ve emptied it, I can pass the rest of the worries on to RB.

One Response to Day 25: Minor Freak-Out

  1. […] to supervise the load-out, RB went back over to the old apartment. Our team had no problem getting the anxiety-inducing armoire out the door and down to the basement. All that was left was to get it uptown to Aunt […]

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