That Suitcase Does NOT Belong There

Welcome back! Looks like you just got home from a trip of some kind!  Oh no? It’s been two weeks since you were on that business trip/vacation/out-of-town wedding?  Then what is your suitcase still doing, fully packed, by the door?!

I know it’s tempting to get home after an exhausting day of travel, wheel that suitcase in behind you and say to yourself “I’ll just handle it tomorrow…” But tonight you’ll probably need something at of that bag anyway.  And tomorrow will come and you’re not going to want to unpack that suitcase any more than you want to right now.

So I thought I’d share my #1 tip for getting organized after you travel — UNPACK THE MINUTE YOU GET HOME.

Put away the clean clothes – throw the dirties into your hamper (don’t feel pressure to do the laundry right away – one step at a time, we’re just unpacking here). Put your toiletries away so they’ll be there when you need them to wash up before bed tonight. Bring the empty luggage to it’s permanent home.

In just 15 minutes, you’ll have permanently crossed that suitcase off your list – it won’t be staring you in the face when you come in from work tomorrow – reminding you of a task you have yet to do.

Just think of it as 15 more minutes of travel time before you arrive on your couch. Because emptying the DVR is a much more pleasurable task, I’m sure.

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2 Responses to That Suitcase Does NOT Belong There

  1. Jonathan Seiden says:

    This is an excellent tip. Dayna told it to me a few months ago, and now, I unpack right away after each business trip.

  2. nice tip, I follow it most of the times.

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