Ask the Organizer Friday: Before You Travel

Traveling stresses me out — and it’s not just the packing — it’s feeling like I forgot to do something around the house.  Any suggestions on what you should really take care of before you leave?

I get it – travel is stressful!  Here’s a list of some things to do to put your mind at ease:

At any point leading up to your trip:

  • Keep a running list of things you want to bring or take care of as you think of them.  It’s harder to forget if it’s down on paper.

The week before you leave:

  • Call to suspend delivery of your newspapers (or anything you get daily…I hear some people still get their milk delivered).
  • Shop for any items you need (see your running list for details…). Don’t forget a hostess gift if you’ll be staying in someone’s home.
  • Set up your online bill pay for any bills that are due while you’re away. Of course, you could also sit down and do it the old fashioned way – if so, don’t forget to mail it!
  • Traveling internationally? Make copies of your passport – leave one at home, and travel with one.
  • Do the laundry – you’ll want all your favorite clothes to pack.

The day before you leave

  • Pack. (There are plenty of people who think this is too last-minute.  But I like to pack the day before – it means I can have access to all the things I need until I go away.)
  • Check in to your flight online and print your boarding passes.
  • Clean out your fridge of any foods that will go bad while you’re gone.
  • Double check that your TiVo is set for all your favorite shows.
  • Arrange for airport transportation.
  • Straighten up around the house – I think it’s much nicer to come home to a clean.  It helps to prolong the vacation when you get home and don’t feel crazed by the mess.  Or maybe that’s just my crazy.

The minute before you leave

  • Check to see that all the lights (and air conditioning) are turned off.
  • Lock up and head out!

I’m actually traveling to San Francisco today to celebrate the wedding of two of my very favorite people on the planet. Just so you know, my running list of things to remember had: figure out airport transportation, bring the wedding card, get a new memory card for my camera.

Safe travels!

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