Ask the Organizer Friday!

It’s Friday, how can I help you?

This week, a reader asks:

How do I deal with subletting my bedroom, leaving half my stuff in other parts of my apartment, putting some at my moms, and taking the rest with me? All I have come up with is clear plastic bags.

Well, reader – sounds like you need to take inventory.  And by take inventory, I really mean you need to create 3 separate lists of what’s going where.

First – decide what’s coming with you!  Set up a corner of your bedroom to collect things that will travel with you.  Don’t pack them up just yet – just designate them as “coming with me.”   (Later when you ARE packing, you’ll thank me that it’s all in one place.)

Next  – I think you’re on to something with these clear plastic bags – at least for the stuff that’s going to your mom’s. Start filling the bags, and make a general list of everything that’s going in. No need to get fancy here – this list will just serve as a reminder to you when you return.  6 months from now, you may not remember where you stored your bedding or your bathrobe – but your handy list will have that info for you.  Also – make sure to count the number of bags heading to Mom’s and make note of it on the list  – if 7 full bags get dropped off, you’ll want to claim all 7 when you return.

Finally – make a detailed list of every item in the apartment that’s staying while you’re away. Include kitchenware, furniture – everything.  If you’re leaving it for your roommates’ use while you’re away (how generous!), then make a note of where it is. It’s also a good idea to make a note of the condition it was in when you left — and have your subletter sign-off on that (this way, if he burns a hole in your rug, you have a document to point to that says he had agreed that the rug was in perfect condition when you left).

And if you need help, give me a call – I LOVE inventories!

Good luck!

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One Response to Ask the Organizer Friday!

  1. Jillian says:

    Thanks D!
    very helpful, I feel like I have a place to start now.

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