Organizing, an Addiction

I am addicted to being organized – I’m so addicted to being organized that I’ve gone so far as to make a career of it. 

My name is Dayna Brandoff, and I’m a Professional Organizer.  (Hi Dayna.)

Organizing has been a lifelong passion for me, really.   I have vivid memories of cleaning out the desk in my childhood bedroom – and doing it pretty often.  (I know…what kind of paperwork could a 7-year-old really accumulate?!)  I kept a detailed inventory of my sleep-away camp trunk  (one copy was taped to the inside of the trunk, a photocopy stayed with my parents…at the end of the summer, we figured out what didn’t come home.)  I delighted in picking out a new student planner for the school year (a good one has calendars in both month and week view – as well as space for lists).  When I got to college I thought the concept of a syllabus was a dream come true (seriously?  I could put all these exams and project due dates in my planner from the get go and know what the semester was going to look like on the work front?  Fan-freakin-tastic!).  One of the most exciting aspects of my engagement – aside from the amazing man I married, of course – was the wedding binder I put together. Man, I loved that thing…

To me, being organized means that I have some semblance of control in times when life seems chaotic.   It means that if you were to ask me where to find any item in my home, I could locate it for you within seconds.  It means that I know what’s on my schedule – in both the short and long term.   And, it means that, because I have these things in order, I don’t have to waste time worrying about them… or, put another way, worrying about what I may have misplaced or the appointment I forgot.

I find it reassuring, even empowering, to know where everything is and when everything is supposed to happen.  Of course, as my mother would say, “we plan and God laughs.”   The unexpected – good or bad – can happen at any moment, and royally F up all my plans.  Even so, being organized helps me feel better equipped to handle the curveball – I’d know what I needed to reschedule or what I needed to replace.  Better yet, someone could easily step in and handle it for me because all the relevant information is in a logical place. 

Look, I know that I am my own very special brand of crazy – but I think it’s a crazy worth spreading around.  That’s why I’ve launched Chaos Theory Blog.  Who couldn’t use a little more control over the ‘controllables’ in their life?

I hope you’ll visit Chaos Theory Blog throughout the week for organizing ideas and information.  Got an organizing question?  Email and I’ll choose a few to answer each Friday!

Til then,

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2 Responses to Organizing, an Addiction

  1. David says:

    Hey Dayna,

    I liked reading this post. Have you ever read Archaeology of Knowledge my Michel Foucault? It’s all about how we organize the way we think and speak about things. You might like it. In addition to control, he writes about how organization gives things Meaning. It’s hard to make this concrete – but you can think about the way in which paper by a fireplace “means” [kindling] while paper in a desk drawer means [place to write or draw].

    Another thing you might check out is this site The artist who made the site spends a lot of time thinking about her tools and her schedule. In addition to giving the world meaning by organizing it – we can give ourselves meaning or purpose through organization. A hunter might carry a knife on her belt, a businesswoman, a cellphone. These objects – and their considered placement – help to remind us who we are and how to meet the world.

    I hope you’re well! I wish you luck!


  2. angie says:

    hey girl! love your blog! i will be checking on the regular! you are an inspiration to me!
    cheers and best to you!

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